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   Freddy’s Story

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Freddy is the director of the Kigali Memorial Center (KMC) at Gisozi in Kigali, Rwanda.  He is one of the people in charge of coordinating countrywide events for the 15th commemoration during the month of April.  Freddy is also a coordinating member of Aegis Trust and has taken both President George W. Bush and Chelsea Clinton on tours of the memorial center.  We met Freddy several months into our time living in Rwanda. 

   Clips from Interview with Freddy

    Kigali Memorial Centre in Gisozi

                     December, 2008

Reynolds worked with him on a video to highlight the education program at the KMC, and Amir provided photography at his wedding.  Freddy has been instrumental in granting us access to memorials, getting us press passes, and acquiring signed letters from the Ministry of Information and Culture.  He is a continual symbol of hope for survivors across Rwanda and works tirelessly to educate the country about the dangers of genocide ideology, an endeavor he believes will prevent violence in the future.