After our trip to Congo, we crossed back into Rwanda over the border at Gisenyi, which is the hometown of our friend and Rwandan filmmaker, Olivier.  He hadn’t been back for 13 years.  We took three motos to the genocide memorial site, but found it locked.  Olivier asked the moto drivers to call someone to come open it, and ten minutes later Innocent Mabamda showed up with injuries on his hands and shoulder from a motorcycle wreck he suffered after asking the driver to go quickly because there were visitors waiting.  We later found out he was coming from a memorial ceremony for a Hutu who had been killed for sheltering Tutsis in 1994.  Innocent is the President of Ivuka for his sector, and the vice-president for the district.  After sharing his story with us and the story of Gisenyi during the genocide, he invited us into his home where we spent the next several hours sharing drinks and learning more about each other’s cultures.  Innocent’s wife is a judge in the Gacaca courts and he is the president of IBUKA for Gisenyi Sector, and vice-president for Rubavu District.